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Consistent bad luck, however, may be a sign that the computer is using the RNG to cheat. See also The Computer Is A Lying Bastard, Computers Are Fast, Gameplay and Story Segregation, The GM Is A Cheating Bastard, Nintendo Hard, Random Number God, and Redemption Demotion.

On the other hand, some cheats can actually work to the player's advantage, such as with the Rubberband AI or plain old Cheat Codes. When In-Universe AIs have these justified abilities, see The Singularity.

They need to cheat from time to time if they're going to close the gap... In ZX Spectrum forums such as sinclair, this phenomenon (real or imagined) is known as "cheatingbastness".

This can be a quick-and-dirty method of achieving a "level" playing field against a skilled human player (especially in older games, where hardware and AI capabilities were limited and prone to Artificial Stupidity), but can also create Fake Difficulty when the computer has access to moves that a human player (in the same context) clearly does not.

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